Know our views

Karma is a bitch! We live in a time where the consequence of our lifestyle has become very visible. The future depends on our choices. Nature and Mother Earth are screaming for changes. Sustainable materials - sustainable choices.

Sustainability have become a buzz word. But what is sustainability? And how can you and I make a difference? It’s so easy to say “I can’t make any difference. I am such a small player- The responsibility must be on a higher level”..

Know our views

WE AS A BRAND AND MANUFACTURE certainly acknowledge our responsibility, but what good are these initiatives if we - you and me – don’t change our thoughts and actions? We live in a BUY AND THROW AWAY SOCIETY where the product life cycle is not connected at all!

The effort and love that is put into a product - design / production / transport = the entire development time - is often longer than the lifespan at the end-consumer. We must act with care ... ALL products - sustainable materials or not - makes an impact on our earth, so it is you and me who can make the big difference. We think many women know the feeling of looking into a crowded wardrobe thinking, “I have nothing to wear.” Maybe you have too much? Or maybe you haven’t created MY ESSENTIAL WARDROBE?.

Know how to care
Know our fabrics