Our partners


DK Company’s success is built on the fundamental belief that business relationships are like any other relationship - requiring effort, attention, honesty, and respect - in order to be mutually beneficial. In our supply chain of DESIGN – PLAN – MAKE – SOURCE - DELIVER, there are a multitude of relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers to our internal staff of operations to our customers and our end consumers. Each and every aspect, department and person contribute value and an essential function to not only complete the process, but also sustain the business. Our primary goal is to constantly develop. Develop ourselves, develop our employees, develop our partners.

This, we believe, is what creates long-term relationships that can weather any storm.That is why we’ve created, ‘The Blooming Concept.’ A new way to identify with our supply chain – understanding what each area represents and how each area affects the process as a whole.


A Win-Win for all. We call it a Win-Win relationship. It’s the idea that the total effectiveness of a group of things is greater than the effectiveness when acting in isolation from one another. DK Company’s overall approach is a sustainable and healthy business for all parties involved. It is ‘mutually beneficial’ at it’s core.

Not only are we partnering with BCI - Better Cotton Inititative, to improve the fabric and the cotton farming globally. We also care a lot for the production of our jeans -  85% of our production is handled in Turkey with our Turkish partner. 

Our partners