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When the weather and seasons change, it is important to keep track of the outerwear. Jackets and coats are some of the things we use most and rarely change that much. That's why it is important to have a jacket or coat that suits you and your personality. Luckily, we have a lot of great jackets from MY ESSENTIAL WARDROBE that you will love to wear on a cold winter day or a warm autumn day. Whatever the weather offers, you can find the jacket or coat you need from MY ESSENTIAL WARDROBE. 

Jackets and coats from MY ESSENTIAL WARDROBE which you can use every day and all the time, so it is nice to have a solid selection of jackets and coats for different times of the year and for different purposes. We love a cool denim jacket on a warm spring day. The denim jacket can also be used as an alternative to your blazer  The down jacket is indispensable on a biting cold winter day and a good leather jacket should all women have hanging in their wardrobe. 

Find your new jacket or coat favourite here at MY ESSENTIAL WARDROBE. We design soft, cool and functional jackets and coats that you will definitely love. Our selection makes it possible to match it with your personal style. 

Shop at our online shop when you have the time and desire. It is always open and you can shop among our many beautiful styles and have them delivered home to your private address. Let the hunt begin at MY ESSENTIAL WARDROBE - we look forward to seeing you here.