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Knitting and cardigans from MY ESSENTIAL WARDROBE are amazing to have in the wardrobe all year round. At MY ESSENTIAL WARDROBE we love that knits and cardigans can be used all year round. Therefore, we also design them for this purpose. 

In summer, a soft knit can be beautiful with a long skirt or as an extra layer for your maxi dress. In winter, the knit and a soft cardigan are indispensable along with a pair of jeans or trendy pants. Common for all of these which we design at MY ESSENTIAL WARDROBE is that they are made in beautiful qualities and comfortable material. At the same time, they are fashionable and have a myriad of styles and colours. Long Cardigan and short cardigans, in fact it is good to have a bit of them all in your wardrobe. 

We have a wide selection of beautiful cardigan and knitwear, which will quickly pebble up your dull winter look. A knit sweater is not to do without when the winter cold really gets it takes. The same with the cardigans, which are easy to sling over the shoulders when you sit and enjoy the tranquility on the terrace on a cool summer evening. 

You can shop around and find our selection of knitwear and cardigans here in our online store. Our online shop is often updated with fresh new styles, which we know you will love. The shop is open 24-7 So you decide when you have the time and desire to shop around and find your new MY ESSENTIAL WARDROBE style.