We live in a time where the consequences of our lifestyle have become very visible. The future depends on our choices, and nature are screaming for change: more responsible materials, more responsible choices.

It’s so easy to point the finger at everybody else and say, “It’s your responsibility”. But how can we – you and I – actually make a difference?

As a brand and manufacturer, we certainly acknowledge our responsibility and act responsibly in both our choice of materials, the production and for the sake of all the people, we are working with. But what is all of this worth, if we – you and I – don’t change our thoughts and actions?

Therefore, we must act with care. Both as a consumer and as a brand. All products – responsible materials or not – makes an impact on our earth. To us, responsible fashion is about creating a wardrobe that consists of responsibly made clothes that can be worn again and again, season after season. That is what we call MY ESSENTIAL WARDROBE.


At MY ESSENTIAL WARDROBE, we want to be a part of the movement ‘from more to better’. We want to challenge the ‘buy-and-throw-away’ mindset by encouraging investment in clothes that actually is being used.

At the same time, through our own production of more responsibly made clothes, we will help our customers to be able to make more responsible choices when they buy new clothes. We believe that it is our most important task as a brand and manufacturer to create clothes with care for the environment.


We are not a 100% sustainable brand – nor will we ever be. We are not afraid to acknowledge that.

But we take responsibility, and we want to make a difference. We make an effort, learn new things and develop our products day by day, so we are always the most responsible version of ourselves.

As a brand, we are committed to making more responsible choices so that it also becomes easier for our customers to make them. It’s a constant process that we will never finish developing, but we will all the way be open and honest about how far we are on this journey. We believe that greater transparency can create changes that lead to a more sustainable future in the fashion industry.


By 2022 we will source all our styles with minimum 50% cotton content as more responsible (e.g. organic cotton, Better Cotton and recycled cotton)

By 2025 we will source 100% of our viscose from more sustainable alternatives (e.g. EcoVero and FSC® certified materials)

By 2025 we will source 50% of our polyester from more responsible alternatives (e.g. recycled polyester)

By 2025 we will source 100% of our wool in line with the industry best practice (e.g. RWS Responsible Wool Standard)